Between Meetings

Shameen Prashantham, Author of Gorillas Can Dance. CEIBS Professor

January 30, 2023 Marian Danko Season 4 Episode 1
Between Meetings
Shameen Prashantham, Author of Gorillas Can Dance. CEIBS Professor
Show Notes

I interviewed Shameen Prashantham on the latest episode of "Between Meetings." We discussed the inspiration behind his book "Gorillas Can Dance" and explored the complexities of startup-corporate collaboration. Shameen shared valuable insights for aspiring entrepreneurs and how CEIBS is grooming the next generation of leaders.


  • What I’ve seen as constant is recognition of the importance of innovation 
  • Some of the smaller companies have no choice but to learn to dance with big gorillas 
  • You need equal measures of optimism and pessimism
  • See what they are interested in matches with their strategic priorities
  • You need to show enough of your capability that the corporate is interested in but not so much that they do not need you anymore
  • Three types of mindsets deal with uncertainty: entrepreneurial, collaborative, and global. 
  • We have become really interdependent over time
  • Obliquity, frugality, paradoxicality

Dr. Shameen Prashantham is a Professor of International Business and Strategy and Associate Dean (MBA) at CEIBS in Shanghai. His latest book, Gorillas Can Dance, offers managers in large corporations a proven guide to partnering and collaborating with startups to improve innovation by delivering the “where,” “why,” and “how” of corporation-startup partnerships. 

Between Meetings is a series of on-the-go interviews featuring industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators. In these interviews, we delve into the latest trends and developments in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship, catching our guests between meetings in a car ride across town. Along the way, they share inspiring stories, personal experiences, industry insights, and practical advice on how to scale your way to success. Each interview is packed with valuable information and inspiration for anyone looking to make an impact in the tech and innovation world.

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