Between Meetings

Vincent Djen, Director at Cheng Kung Garments. The Fashion Entrepreneur

January 25, 2023 Marian Danko Season 3 Episode 9
Between Meetings
Vincent Djen, Director at Cheng Kung Garments. The Fashion Entrepreneur
Show Notes

We discussed Vincent's family business, the concept of sustainability in fashion, perceptions of social entrepreneurship, and the role of technology in a sustainable fashion. He shared the story of REMAKEHUB and offered advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.


  • We are going from a linear to a circular model
  • What is considered sustainable today may not be considered sustainable in the future
  • Many things come from unexpected places
  • Materials science and supply chain is the core of the industry
  • Giving back to society while still making money
  • Glocalize: global + localize
  • Have your own tribe

Vincent Djen is a fashion entrepreneur, innovator, mentor, and manufacturer with 16 years of experience. He works with startups and big brands in using his knowledge, network, and resources to turn their designs into products and make their products and processes more sustainable and grow their businesses.

Between Meetings is a series of on-the-go interviews featuring industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators. In these interviews, we delve into the latest trends and developments in innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship, catching our guests between meetings in a car ride across town. Along the way, they share inspiring stories, personal experiences, industry insights, and practical advice on how to scale your way to success. Each interview is packed with valuable information and inspiration for anyone looking to make an impact in the tech and innovation world.

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