Between Meetings

Cory Arth, Co-Founder at UP Clinic. DPT CSCS, PT Consultant

January 02, 2023 Marian Danko Season 3 Episode 6
Between Meetings
Cory Arth, Co-Founder at UP Clinic. DPT CSCS, PT Consultant
Show Notes


  • As I got older I just did not feel I could have the impact that I wanted to have
  • We sweat and we connect
  • As a generation, we are moving less than ever before
  • Make movement a fundamental human right
  • Movement is medicine
  • If you don’t have guanxi and you are not working with local bureaus and local governments you gonna hit a wall of resistance that I don’t think you can get passed
  • External accountability: do not go alone!

Born and raised in California, Cory Arth is an APTA American Board-Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy. Cory has worked in team sports settings around the world including China, Qatar, and Brazil, and also worked with athletes participating in the Olympics, NBA, MLB, NFL,  and additional professional leagues and competitions globally.

Between Meetings is a series of on-the-go interviews in which we discuss innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship. Our guests are industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and corporate innovators. We catch them between meetings. In a car ride across town, they share inspiring stories, personal experiences, industry insights, and practical advice on how to scale your way to success.

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