Between Meetings

Momo Estrella, Head of Digital Design at IKEA China.

March 22, 2022 Marian Danko Season 2 Episode 10
Between Meetings
Momo Estrella, Head of Digital Design at IKEA China.
Show Notes


πŸ’‘ Through technology you can create little tools to enhance a creative expression. 

πŸ’‘ I am not educated to educate other people. 

πŸ’‘ When you are a retailer you grow either by acquiring new customers or by making existing customers more profitable. And those two things are becoming harder to do for home furniture. 

πŸ’‘ Everything that surrounds us has the opportunity to be better. 

πŸ’‘ Here you are able to launch things that may not be hyper polished. But you can launch them in a spirit of learning.

Momo Estrella is an advocate for human-centered design, change agency, and neurodiversity inclusion.

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